1. I made a cmj flier for ipsumm ~

  2. Drew a gloomy sailor moon for a zine~

  3. I got to do my first job for the New Yorker! Thanks AD Jordan!

  4. I made another show flier

  5. It’s been a while!
    I’m gonna start posting new work again.
    My vacation is over!

  6. I made a flier for an ipsum show ~

  7. Here’s my piece at dimebag 4, I’m right below Tara McPherson and that blew my mind a little bit!

    My next shows will be at gallery 1988 !
  8. anthonycudahy:

    Hello - I made a small zine for this show on Thursday. There are well over a hundred great artists involved. :) Thank you Jordin for the invite! 

    Dime Bag 4
    curated by Jordin Isip

    Opening Reception: Thursday, July 3rd, 8:00-10:00 pm

    The End is Near
    465 7th Ave. 
    Brooklyn, NY 11215
    (Park Slope, btw16th and Windsor)

    Each of the more than two hundred invited artists received a 3” x 3” plastic zip lock bag, a “dime bag” of sorts. They were asked to create their artwork for and installed within the bag. There was no overt conceptual theme to show beyond the device of the bag itself and each artist was free to interpret within these simple parameters.

    Hey I’m in this show too! So many great artists!

    (Source: gregorybenton)

  9. Another tiny painting

  10. coffeeandteevee:

    Yesterday I got to see theyoungleaves and it was awesome and I took a few photos of them with the last of my disposable camera. I guess it was light leaked. 

    If you look closely at the window in the top photo you can see my drummer (bff) doing a full on kubrick stare at their drummer. I don’t know the drum life.