1. In progress

  2. Cloud Nothings


  3. theyoungleaves:

    Some of you may or may not know this, but we’re planning on going out on tour for 30 days in June. We have some shows booked but we still need help in certain cities. Here is a list of the dates and cities we’re (hopefully) going to be playing. Any date written in bold with “HELP PLZ” means we…

    Hey friends, I’m doing some work for these guys (and they’re awesome), can anyone help out with their bolded tour dates? I’ll mail you prints/pins if you can
  4. Finally done
    24x36 drawing

  5. This is what a year of my life looks like, in PDF form.


  6. Hey guys, uh it’s kind of sad that I have to post this because it confuses me, but please don’t remove the source to my work.
    A lot of the stuff I post is for clients… So it puts me in an odd situation when this happens. So please just keep the source, remove captions if you really dislike my work or me or whatever. But you’re reblogging my work so that’s weird.

  7. I got to make this flier and I’m so happy.

  8. I made a bitchy comic for my school’s student newspaper. Who needs a 1 million dollar clock

    @collinclarke did a really great cover for the issue and his work is fantastic

  9. In progress no fools

  10. Little two panel comic based on breadcrumb trail by slint. Wip.